About Us

About Leave a Mark in Africa Limited

Leave a Mark in Africa  is a company that specializes and is dedicated to bring about the best customized  safari experience  towards its customers, while giving our customers a chance to have a more meaningful safari through various community outreach programs such as  planting trees. 

In every of our Safari itinerary LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA sets the last day of every safari for   community outreach programs either tree planting ,village home visits or cultural immersion programs  the initial day is and will be paid for by the company whereas it shall cover accommodation in a fully furnished classic Leave a mark in Africa’s apartment, food and drinks.

LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA COMPANY has two  offices one  in Arusha Tanzania whereas the chief operating officer is REINHARD MWASHA and the other office is in  ITALY-UNITED KINGDOM  whereas the chief operating officer is YOSIEF GHEBRETINSAE 

Tarangire and Ngorongoro

Yosief Ghebretinsae

Nationality: Italian
I’m a father of 2 one boy with 13 years of age and one daughter with 23 years of age I have lived in Italy for 16 years, England were I’m currently living for 14 years .
last December me and my son made a journey to Tanzania where we were fortunate enough to go on an amazing safari trip where we met Mr Reinhard Mwasha as the owner of “Leave a mark in Africa” as our tour guide, the experience was amazing and one that outshines all other safari experiences .
after me and my son made it back to London from Tanzania i stayed in touch with Mr Reinhard and over time, we started to talk about expanding the business and letting me get involved.

Why Us

Having done a careful study and  research “ Leave a mark in Africa” has identified a need in supporting different needy groups and people in Tanzania mostly underprivileged women, children and youths , therefore a part of every safari fee you pay is set aside to reach a particular need amongst one of  these vulnerable groups or  individual persons belonging to one of these groups ,we have carefully analyzed the eligibility and genuineness of every single need  of a particular group who is to be reached by LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA and found them deserving

Once you are a part of our project you would get to discover the impact that you have made in the lives of needy people by meeting them one on one as individuals that leave a mark in Africa has stretched a helping hand to


Leave a mark in Africa is based in Kilimanjaro a small city often used as the base of many safari trips into the Serengeti, Ngorongoro and other

National parks, it’s where the highest mountain in Africa is located in

Nature and environmental conservation –Tanzania is known to be rich in agricultural soil and

as the primary objective of LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA, volunteers and interns are prone to planting a minimum of two trees(fruit and natural one) whether you are working at program and project development, medical field, teaching English, working at the farm, working on women development or spending your time with kids LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA appreciates and acknowledges the impact you will leave on the community and still offers you an even more exciting chance to leave a forever leaving mark on the African soil, imagine planting a tree which will then be engraved with your name and details on it and LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA takes care of it while updating you on the development of it ,To see the work of your hands live to bear fruits is a priceless opportunity LEAVE A MARK IN AFRICA offers just that experience, picture as you get an email saying your fruit tree has given birth to its first new babies then  you get a taste of your own work (fruit)/ blend a juice from your own tree or take some fresh fruits back home Indeed you would have Left your  your mark on Africa and the world

Stretching a helping hand –

In belief without doubt that a small group of thoughtful people can change the world since it’s the only thing that ever has, consider traveling with us/volunteering to work with us in various projects available we guarantee to provide a memorable leaving experience

All programs available are centered in helping the locals to stand on their own feet and depend on themselves while making an outstanding difference on the environment through tree planting activities at the slopes of Mt.Kilimanjaro

There are a plethora of options available for adventures eager to leave a living mark in Africa and make the world a better place to live in

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